Pron Prohm's - North Strathfield

Atmosphere: The restaurant is very simple and relaxed. The staff are extremely polite and friendly so this makes it an enjoyable and nice atmosphere. However it is not exactly an exciting place to be, just a place that serves good food. So i would rate the atmosphere at 3 plates out of 5, as it is enjoyable but not over the top.
Drinks/Food: Pron Prohm's offers almost 60 different meals on their menu, and though i obviously haven't tried them all i would confidently say that they would all be amazing! Of the dishes i did try, including chicken and cashew nut stir fry, gang mussamin, and pad-thai, all was delicious. The food was created with good quality vegetables, and meat and chicken, and extremely tasty spices. There were dishes with noodles, rice and salads and soups; chicken, beef, lamb or fish and vegetarian meals. I would rate the food at 5 plates out of 5.
Affordability: The starters including spring rolls, curry puffs and more were priced from $5.90 to $8.90. The majority of the main courses cost between $12 and $16, with a few exceptions slightly higher or lower. I would rate the affordability at 3 plates out of 5.
Interior Design: The layout was simple, and organised. With completely wooden furnishings, floor and frames, and a colour scheme including oranges, yellows and reds made the restaurant feel very warm and comfortable. It was nothing extravagant, but pretty enough to make it just a tad better. I would rate the interior design at 2.5 plates out of 5.
Location: Pron Prohm's is located at 209 Concord Road North Strathfield. Its easy to find, in the centre of a row of restaurants just along the main road. For anyone in the inner-western suburbs it is easy to get to, and definitely worth the trip. I would give the location 3 plates out of 5.
Overall Judgement: I thought that Pron Prohm was a great thai restaurant. The food was affordable and delicious - basically all i was looking for, so the minimalistic design didn't exactly detract from the awesomeness that was the thai. Overall i would give it a rating of 4 bottles out of 5.
- Tina


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